Friday, May 11, 2007

Hong Kong Cafe - East Coast Branch

Made a rare journey to the far East to eat 'Singapore's Best Crab' at Joo Chiat Place as recommended by C and D. I was quite late, but arrived when the Pepper Crab came. So sorry to all the people who were waited for me to take a photo of the 6 delicious black pepper crabs! I will visit that place again and take a picture and put it onto my blog next time.

The crab was really very good - fresh, juicy, and full of meat. The restaurant is very crowded - there was this really unbelievable crowd queueing for the crab. From the road, it looks like a hoard of fans standing outside a restaurant (coffeeshop) trying to see a celebrity.

The black pepper crab comes in a spicy sauce, but it's not like the dry kind that you find in the usual restaurants. The black pepper sauce is a bit wetter (but not diluted) and the crab is perfectly cooked. We ordered 6 crabs, which costs about $120. It's quite a reasonable price, considering that I once went to this disgustingly run down crab bee hoon place in Geylang (with splintering tables which were about to collapse) and with such a rude stall holder too, and paid $67 for 2 crabs.

Ok I don't have any pictures so I can't convey my delicious crab experience with you so I shall move onto my post-crab snack.

Went to Hong Kong Cafe to try the thick toast.

Here's the French Toast $3.00. It's fried to a golden brown, crispy on the outside and cotton wool soft on the inside.

The restaurant gives you the librety to pour as much maple syrup as you want on the toast. Every time you get the french toast, you can down it with as much syrup as you want! Here's a piece that I cut open. Cotton wool.

This is the Mango Drink (argh i can't remember the exact name) with mango ice cream, mango cubes, and mango jelly $5.50. For the price, it sure beats coffee bean, and starbucks hands down. This is the kind of drink that you'll want to have after going to East Coast Park. The juice is blended with ice, and it's refreshing. Mango Jelly - Looks a bit like slime/mucus but it really tastes good.
Thick Toast with Condensed Milk $3. The French Toast here is much better than the thick toast! So you know where to put your calories.
Macau steamed egg with Ginger Juice $3.80.

Comes only in the Hot version (I prefer the cold one). Other than the ginger juice which is boiled with the egg, I think the Tong Shui one is better. This one is quite firm, less wobbly and much dryer. The ginger gives it a nice spicy taste, but then I didn't quite like the texture.

Hong Kong Cafe

East Coast Road Branch

378 East Coast Road

Tel 64403808, 64400083

Mon - Fri 5pm to 5am

Sat and Sun 6pm to 5am

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