Friday, May 4, 2007

Azabu Sabo Desserts 2

I think this dessert is called Zen - It's red beans, mochi (glutinous rice balls) and Green Tea Ice Cream from Hokkaido.
Btw, my fave green tea ice cream is this one :D

Soft ice cream (super alot of ice cream) with a sweet potato cake below. The sweet potato is steaming hot and the ice cream has green tea sauce. It's really delicious - my 2nd fave dessert from azabu sabo.
However, since they're so generous with the ice cream, it tends to form a minature leaning tower of pisa cos the base is so hot and it keeps melting - so must eat it quickly quickly!

Mango Milkshake - it's very very very creamy and very very very thick and it's really too much to drink by yourself! but it's fun to attempt it... The mango taste is really strong - and they use ice cream for the milkshake base.
Azabu sabo was having a seasonal promotion and there was this new dessert called "Hokkaido Balls" It's these fried cake/ balls with ice cream and red bean, with a lovely buttery sauce base. I think it's like home-made butterscotch?. It comes with vanilla ice cream (from Hokkaido of course) and the vanilla ice cream is really full of vanilla beans :D

Mochi and red beanNice vanilla beans :D it's one of the more expensive herb/ingredient or whatever in the world . Yum yum. and you can see a little bit of the butterscotch sauce at the bottom.

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