Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I've just found out that my blog is a source of amusement for Mr Dedrick Chan. :(
And Fish says that i've "aged considerably and look sooooo much older" since I started uni.

Anyway, here's today's post:

After being impressed by Marmalade Pantry, I found out that the Marmalade Group has started a new restaurant/cafe in Takashimaya. It's much more convenient to to taka than all the way to Palais Renaissance .

Furthermore, I like all these sandwich bars - I'm reminded of Pret a Manger, which is really popular in London. It has a branch in Singapore, but I've yet to try it cos it's really out of the way and in the office area (not shopping area) of CBD.

We went there at about 6.30pm, and being a small place, it was about 3/4 full. They close at 7pm, and all the salads (I was actually looking forward to trying the Pumpkin and Tofu salad) were sold out. Furthermore, the service sucked! When we wanted to place our orders, this was what happened:

me: can i please have a...

staff: We close at 7pm

me: But it's 6.30 now, can i place my order?

staff: We close in half an hours time

me: I'm ordering now aren't I ??

urgh! anyway, we tried a Sardine sandwich (comes with a more fanciful, appetising name). The sardine was quite tasty, and the bread was soft and fresh.

The price is steep - $6.30. Pretty pricey for sardine, since it somes out from a can. We also tried the Leek, Bacon and Goat's Cheese Tart ($6.80). It has a generous portion of leeks, though i thought the crust was a bit thick and tasteless.
Ok. So I have concluded that the original Marmalade Pantry is still much better than it's sandwich bar. Furthermore, Toast has these small tiles (not as small as mosiac) but then I hate small tiles (reminds me of those old old markets or hawker centre toilets where there's lots of black stuff and fungus and yucky things stuck between the gaps). The only redeeming factor is that they serve water, and a good sized glass with ice will be given to you on request. However, with less than the acceptable service standard, I guess that I won't be returning anytime soon.


Unit 02-11 Ngee Ann City (Near Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tyan)

Tel: 67338489

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