Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zion Road Food Centre

Ate dinner there at about 530 and then the char kway teow man said he only opens at 6pm.

The pork soup there is apparently very famous, so is the kway chap and charkwayteow and the soyabean, according to the newspaper article pasted infront of the pork soup stall. I've eaten the pork soup previously - tastes really porkey (which I don't like) but then I supposed everyone else does - they give good cuts of meat - and the soup is very tastey and porkey and gout inducing (like all other good meat soups).
I tried the popiah cos it was only $1 and I was thinking of the Queenstown popiah. The Queenstown one is better. But for $1, you won't go very wrong even if you eat this one. The skin was a bit dry and hard, which I didn't like. But the filling was acceptable, and the filling wasnt bland. I don't take my popiah with chili cos it masks the tastes, then you can't see if the filling is good.I also pinched a bit of Fish's Hokkien Mee, which had lots of lard bits inside. It's the dry, oily kind.Dunno why the rojak stall, which is also supposed to be faomous, had lau pa sat plates.
Soyabean stall - The beancurd is smooth and silky, one of the better ones but not the best. They have a variety of toppings, such as ginko nuts, sea coconut, chinchow and tang yuan. The one with tang yuan costs $1.80.
They give 2 seaseme and 2 peanut tang yuans. It's not bad, but I've just eaten better tang yuan today:D

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