Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lei Garden - Mother's Day Dinner

Celebrated Mother's Day Dinner at Lei Garden. I like all these garden restaurants - like Peach Garden. Food very yummy - even though I don't really like Chinese food.

My mum ordered the set menu for 6 people. It comes with
Sharks Fin Soup - there's alot of egg, I don't know if it's crab roe or chicken egg but it tastes quite good.Abalone with wild mushrooms and mini xiao bai cai in sauce. I like the wild mushroom - it has a very intersting texture and flavour - like biting into a very fresh and juicy prawn like that, but then it has a mushroom-ey taste. No wonder why vegeterian restaurants use mushrooms for meat substitutes.Live groupa done in two ways - sweet and sour and stir fried with celery and snap peas. As expected, since it's live, it's very fresh and flakey and juicy. The sweet and sour one had bones inside so must be careful when you eat it.Live prawn with steam egg white and fried garlic (I think?) I couldn't get the menu cos they ran out of menus.Close up of the egg white - looks like tofu.

Claypot chicken with white wine sauce. The sauce tastes vagely like the kind that you get with frog legs, so much that my brother thought that this was frog legs (cos the chicken was in weird cuts)
Stewed eefu noodles. I like eefu noodles - you can't get them fro tzechar stores - only from restaurants, I think? At least, those tzechar places near my house don't make eefu noodles.

And the highlight of the day was of course dessert - and 2 desserts somemore! (comes with the set menu)
White fungus, lotus seeds and sea coconut. Nice cool and sweet.Longevity Buns - essentially coloured lian yong pau. They don' use much pink colouring so all those ppl who don't eat colouring won't feel the need to peel off the skin:P
I don't know how much my dinner cost - prob very ex but I didn't see the bill at all - so ignorance is bliss. Anyway, for all these special occasions, most restaurants have special menus with very special prices...
The dian xin at Lei garden is quite good too.

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