Sunday, May 27, 2007

Of Prime Lots

This will be my first un-foodie post in this blog, but then I want to remember the day that I finally got a prime lot in SGH staff carpark.

Usually, even when I go there at 8 or 8.30, the carpark spaces are limited to the lots further away - and I'll have to walk walk walk very far to SGH. And at 9 plus, it's really hard to find lots - and most people illegally park along the kerbs.
And when I have to park far away, I'm so envious of the people who can park next to the entrance - can easily save more than 50m walking distance. The most prime lot is lot 137, which is a parallel lot nearest to the entrance, followed by 136, which is also parallel, then a patch of grass with a kerb numbered 135 and finally vertical lots starting from 134. Anyway, I went super super early on Thursday 24th May and I arrived at the carpark before 7am - and I finally got a prime lot! Number 134. So I refused to move my car even though we were gg out for lunch, and fish had to drive, and she got stressed. And she also missed the turn back to SGH and so we ended up having super duper long lunch, which was a gd break from all that CSFC-ing.

Audi TT with a interesting number plate

For ppl like the person who was with me tt day- a bit slow liddat - it sounds like 'Eh, I owe you'

haha maybe he's a loanshark :P


f|sh said...

excuse me auntie! you had to be told that it says I owe you :P

m said...

I'm the one who pointed it out and you were slow lah! aiyoh! if i nv say the audi tt has a cute no. plate you wouldn't have seen!