Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ding Tai Fung

I don't quite like Chinese food (except Dian Xin) but then my parents like it so we went to Ding Tai Fung. I guess it doesnt require much brain power to decide - it's like Crystal Jade - convenient choice and not too ex.Red dates with glutinous rice ($4)- it's like red dates with mua chee inside. It's a new dish I think - but I haven't been to Ding Tai Fung for quite some time already. The dates are soft and sweet and the filling is smooth and chewy, but the whole dish is quite oily - the dates are coated in oil, probably because of the glutinous rice.I had the shredded pork fried rice ($8). I don't like rice, but the only rice that I will eat is fried rice or brown rice (other than sushi and Japanese rice, I don't like rice). I actually wanted to get the pork chop with fried rice, but I was probably hypoglycaemic and ticked the wrong dish :( the pork chop fried rice is much better. The portions have shrunk (and the prices have remained the same) since I last went to Ding Tai Fung. Dou Miao fried with Garlic ($10)
Going to Ding Tai Fung means one thing - Xiao Long Pau. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Xiao Long Pau cos it has this pork-ey after taste which I don't quite like, and the meat is always very fatty and oily, and it's such an art picking them up and eating them without bursting them, and it's a delicate balance between eating it when it's too hot and scalding yourself, and yet not waiting for it to cool down till it's too cold and the skin too hard.I always order the Thousand Layer Cake ($3). It's actually a posh version of a cheap Chinese cake - but then I like to peel off the layers and eat them separately. My favourite layer is the top most one, cos there are these sweet pink and green bits.

Something amusing:
Q. What do you call air in the lung?
A. Pneumothorax
Q. What do you call pus in the lung?
A. Erm... Pyothorax?

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f|sh said...

actually it was "what is blood in the lung called?" "haemothorax". "what is pus in the lung called?".....
and anyway, i hope no one gets the joke :P