Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chinatown Temporary Hawker Centre

It's the first time I'm visiting this even though I'm posted so near it! And the 2 most famous stores - the Hill Street Char Kway Teow and the Claypot Rice stalls were both closed.

The ikan billis yong tau foo is supposed to be very good, but then the que was so insanely long so I didn't try it. I don't like yong tau foo cos I used to have to eat it every week, and so I've eaten enough yong tau foo to last me a lifetime.

I had the Bak Chor Mee (it's another very long que store). It's ok, got 1 fishball, 1 meatball, and leanporkmincedpork and mushrooms and beansprouts.

I really liked the tang yuan! It's the best tang yuan I've eaten to date. Anyway, I just realised why tang yuan is called Ah Balling. I used to think it was the name of the person who invented tang yuan. But then today, I was standing in the super slow moving que when I decided to peer around and read signboards, and I realised that Ah Balling is actually 鸭Ya (Duck) 母Mu (mother) Ling (like icecream ling).

The que is very slow moving cos the tang yuan is made on the spot - not premade and left on trays. The tang yuan is had made and cooked straight away, and it's served in clear, fragrant pandan soup.

There are 6 flavours - the usual seaseme, peanut, red bean and yam, including a not so usual mung bean paste (think ang ku kueh) and durian.

The skin of each tang yuan is silky smooth, and it's fresh and soft.

It's $2 for 6 flavours - freshly made.

This is the best tang yuan I've tasted - totally worth the que.

Hai Seng Ah-Balling
Chinatown Complex Temporary Market
(Next to Otram Park MRT)
Business Hours 12pm to 9pm
Thursday 12pm to 6pm

Fish dropped her currypuff on herself this morning.

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