Friday, May 11, 2007

HK Kim Gary - Vivocity

After going to Bosses in Vivo, we decided to eat (yet again) before Spiderman3 (I liked the effects but I thought 300 was much better)
I've been to Kim Gary once before, but wasn't particularly impressed by it. In fact, I can't even recall what I ate there. But I do remember trying the Almond Tea, which is quite good.

I ordered the Almond Tea $2 and it's a thick and cream almond drink, a bit on the sweet side (for me cos I don't quite like my food and drinks too sweet). Other than being a bit too sweet ( I suppose it will taste normal to most people).
Furthermore, they have kindly given me a nice long spoon to stir up the residual almond (forms a layer of slush at the bottom, I suppose due to gravity?). This is my Thick Toast with Condensed Milk and Butter $2.30 (but I ordered it without butter cos I don't like the taste and it's a waste of calories). I also ordered it with more condensed milk, since they're usually quite stingy on the milk (which is the main reason why I order the toast in the first place)
The thick toast with the normal amount of condense milk (very stingy)
The thick toast when i asked for more condensed milk

The toast was quite unevenly toasted, and there was these carcinogenic looking black patches. The toast was quite dry on the outisde, and a bit hard on the inside. Instead of a cotton wool texture inside, it was more like a dried out piece of bread. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't want any butter, but then butter doesn't seep through the whole bread anyway.

Unless you're dying for a view of Sentosa, I suggest that you don't waste your calories and money here for thick toast. Either go to Tong Shui Cafe (which I think has the best thick toast so far) or to Hong Kong Cafe (which has acceptable thick toast, and good french toast).

HK Kim Gary
#03-128 Vivocity
Tel 63768183

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