Monday, May 28, 2007

Oishi Pizza Buffet

Contary to what the poster said, SGH was pretty boring today, with my favourite ward lacking patients who we could examine. After tutorial, we declared it lunch time at 1130am.
Keeping up with our CG's tradition, we yet again went on a food expedition for lunch. We went to Serene Centre to have Oishi Pizza Buffet - at an affordable price f $9.90 nett.
We had Chicken with Chicken Ham, Chicken Aloha, Beef Teriyaki, Kimchi Chicken, Salami and Ham. Apparently the beef teriyaki was the bestest pizza, but I can't say. I liked the chicken ham one and i thought the chicken aloha sucked cos it had too much teriyaki sauce and it was too salty. The Kimchi Chicken is really very spicy, with lots of kimchi and peppers.
They're not stingy with the ingredients, and the crust is crispy and of a medium thickness. The toppings were generous, with every bite yielding ingredients and enough cheese.

I've tried the Seafood Wasabi before, and it's very tasty - wasabi mayonnaise with prawn, squid and crabsticks, and corn kernals and onion slices - too bad it wasn't included in the buffet menu or not I'm sure to eat lots of that.
We somehow agreeded that the salami and ham pizza tasted the best - maybe cos the rest of the pizzas had such generous toppings that it was a bit tiring to eat after a while. For the salami and ham pizza, the cheese was unadulterated and fragrant - unlike the other pizzas where the many ingredients and sauces used masked the cheese taste.

After that, we went to Island Creamery to eat ice cream to wash down all that greasy pizza.

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