Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cedele - Lunch

I've finally gotten down to trying Cedele.
We tried the set lunch(es) and I tried a Tofu Chicken burger.
The set lunch is $17.80++ and comes with soup of the day (4 choices- tomato, pumpkin, chicken tarragon, clam chowder), 4 choices for mains and drink.

Chicken tarragon soup - it's quite unique but I prefer cream soups. It's quite robust - the soup is nice and cloudy filled with cooked microscopic chicken, with quite a bit of shredded chicken and lots of tarragon floating about.
Clam chowder was nicer - they used bacon bits to make it even tastier. And it's very creamy.

Grilled salmon and risotto. The risotto is buttery and has the delicious risotto texture - not soggy not overcooked - where else can you find risotto for this price, with a set somemore? and the salmon is not hard and dry - it's juicy and flaky and not too salty.Crab chilli and lime pasta - I didn't quite like this one, maybe cos I hate having lime/lemon in my food. But it's quite a refreshing taste - the zingy lime mixed with the chillies will tickle your tastebuds.Here's my Tofu Chicken Burger. It's $8. V ex.
But there's a nice fat juicy patty - it's not so tough cos there's tofu minced inside - and the bread is crusty and fresh. I think I'll go to Cedele insetead of Coffeebean for sandwiches - though it's costlier, it tastes much better.
And this is my yummy carrot walnut cake - it's moist and spongy - but the best part is the icing! Its a nice thick layer yum!

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