Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peanut Ice Kachang

This is no ordinary ice kachang - it's not normal ice kachang with crushed peanut.
It's peanut sauce and milk and crushed peanuts. The peanut sauce looks like peanut butter at first, but its actually not so viscous - it's like molten peanut butter, and the consistency is like condensed milk. It's not as creamy and buttery as peanut butter either - actually, it's like peanut flavoured condensed milk... It's really nice with the evaporated milk inside, and sweet peanut butter outside, and at the bottom, there's the usualy ice kachang stuff (jelly, attap chee, chin chow jelly, red bean and nata de coco). Even better, since its not multicoloured, you won't get this swampy green-grey mix after everything melts. I supposed you get something like a peanut milkshake when everything melts.
Peanut Ice Kachang
$2.20 from NUH Kopitiam Dessert Store

You also can get Peanut Ice Kachang with corn for the same price I think


Anonymous said...

Hi there ~ Just came by and saw your post on peanut ice kachang... my new favourite dessert. I went to Singapore for the first time ever this past weekend, and had peanut ice kachang in Clarke Quay, in the Central mall. Your blog is making my mouth water all over again! Thanks!

-Hong Kong

m said...

Hello Matt! Glad that you enjoyed your peanut ice kachang too! Hong Kong is really a food paradise hope to go visit soon so I can eat all the yummy food esp the original Hong Kong Cafes.