Monday, July 23, 2007

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant

Went to this seafood restaurant along Macpherson Road (super far from my house). It's quite ulu and I'm sure I'll get lost if I have to go there again. Since we didn't know what to order, we ordered the recommendations the waitress made:
We tried the house speciality - home made bean curd with mushrooms and brocolli ($12). I liked the bean curd cos it's smooth and milky.
This is the pork ribs in some special sauce (which I have forgotten what) its quite fatty, but it's boneless (at least, I got a piece without the bone) and it's more sweet than salty.
The highlight was the crab bee hoon - the crab was about 1.3kg and it costs $53 for the dish. The crab actually looked very big and the pincers were huge.That's the pincer on a normal sized restaurant plate - super huge
The bee hoon was very tasty - it was infused with the crab taste - I think they use the top part of the crab shell for the bee hoon and it's very fragrant too.
The crab was fully packed with meat, and it was fresh and flaky and didn't stick to the shell at all.The next dish was this shellfish called 'Bai Yu' (literally white jade) which sucked. It's this weird chewy and salty seed shaped thing.Looks like a germinating jackfruit sead - same size too. Its fantastically chewy and when you bit down, salty shellfish juice will spurt out. And it's like bubble gum cos you must chew and chew and chew.The good part was that it didn't stick to the shell so all we did was shake it out of the shell. Looks like a sea of cannon bombs.
Mini man tou for dipping into the sauce.
This is some vegetable thing with three kinds of egg. The ohrnee was super oily and they use vegetable oil not lard. It's actually spring onion oil and it's quite fragrant. The ohrnee was super ex - $22 for a medium bowl (served about 7 ppl).
I suppose it's not the best place I've tried, but slightly above average, especially since I liked the tofu and the crab bee hoon (which wasn't too expensive for restaurant standard)
Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 369231
Tel: 67474075


claire said...

eh e orhnee looked much better the last time i went w xq they all :/ and i didnt noe you went along! if not i'd tell you tt their scallop steamed with garlic is nice too! :)

Anonymous said...

why is your tag board missing??? i'm typing in sch now...yay!! today got off to a great start!! =) =) =)