Saturday, July 21, 2007

Milk Plum

My favourite plum from comes from Umeya - it's actually not milk on the outside, but icing sugar - and it's powdery and white like milk.
Usually, there's so many types of plums and it's so confusing to choose from - so after finding the milk plum, I just stick to eat and not buy anything else (but I like trying other plums for fun). Milk plum has a nice golden-ish center, and it has a seed (doesn't come in seedless form). It's sweet when you first taste it (cos of the sugar outside), then a bit sourish and then sweet again. It doesn't have the very overpoweringly strong plum smell, and doesn't leave an after taste.
Milk Plum can be bought from Umeya, which has outlets at Parkway, Taka Food Hall and spme other places like Junction 8 i think?

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