Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Forture Seafood Steam Boat - Tze Char

This is what I like to eat when my maid goes on holiday - Tze Char from super near my house. And it's good too!

The Sheng Mian is very popular, and really yummy and tasty and not too salty. It's not too greasy and the noodles are nice and crispy (if you rush them home fast enough). And there's lots of gravy and fish slices too. It costs $4,$6 or $8. If you order a really big one, it will even come in a huge plastic container with gravy separate.
My other favourite must try dish is the Jiang Chong Lu Rou Fan which is Ginger, Spring Onion Venison Rice. I'm think if you order it at the restaurant itself you'll get it on a hot plate, but if you tapau it you'll have deliciously tender venison (rusty red colour very nice to see) and lots of onions, spring onions, ginger and sauce over rice. Theres the wok taste and the sauce is really good and they're very generous with it.
Venison is my favourite red meat cos it's so tender and juicy and lamb is my second.
I think the cuter the animal the yummier they are - like deer=bambi and sheep=lambchops (the puppet lambchops last time and the song that doesn't end)
Like chickens are ugly (compared to sheep) and have scaley feet (yikes!) so they're not as tasty as deer.
I like eating this when I'm in the Red Meat mood, cos I don't quite like pork and I don't eat beef so lamb is good, but venison is softer and yummier. It comes in $6,$8,$10 sizes.

887 Bukit Timah Road (Somewhere between 6th Ave and and Tan Chong Motors)
i'll get the phone number in a while I accidentally closed the window with the number :(

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