Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Normal' Ice Jelly

Why is Fish disgruntled?Well, it's cos of this:

This is not cheng-teng.

It's actually 'Normal' Ice Jelly.

Here's the story : We went to the NUH staff canteen to eat, and since it was so hot we ate desset. Fish wanted to eat Ice Jelly Cocktail, and "the stall had so many kinds of Ice Jelly, with guava, strawberry, blueberry, soursop, aloevera bla bla bla" so when the woman asked her what kind of ice jelly she wanted, fish said "normal ice jelly" and then she got really Ice + Jelly instead of the usual Ice Jelly Cocktail.

and when she said she wanted normal ice jelly cocktail and not just jelly and ice, the woman said must add 50 cents for the cocktail -_-"

So here's a warning - Normal Ice Jelly is not Normal Ice Jelly Cocktail and Ice Jelly Cocktail is not Normal Ice Jelly.

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