Sunday, July 8, 2007


Went to Prego yesterday cos I've been to Menotti twice and on my third time there, I realised that the set dinner menu was still the same since the first time I ate there. Now I know why Menotti is doing so well even though there's another big Italian restaurant nearby. Firstly, Prego food is very ex. And it doesn't taste nice for that price. I tried the seafood linguine (can't remember the posh italian name though) for $27 + 10% service charge + 7% GST = $31.50 and the sauce was very lousy. Very salty and watery and completely not worth it.

Furthermore, this was the 'highly recommended' dish - according to the waiter, it's very popular and lots of people order it. I wonder if they have tastebuds...

Menotti set dinner cost $30++ and it's served with a spinach and crab cream soup, choice of 1/3 mains (meat, and 2 types of pasta - chicken or scallop), dessert (which is very delicious btw) and coffee/tea.

Actually, the picture above isn't my dish. It's some pork and mushroom pasta and the base is similar to mine. My handphone refused to take a picture of my dish cos it sucked (actually, it's cos I moved it too fast and I got a picture of the table instead of my dish)

This is some seafood pasta with pesto sauce. Its ok but overpriced. For a few morsels of seafood, and a thin crust pizza (that you can get nearly anywhere nowadays) it's completely not worth $28++

Unless you're willing to pay extra for the live music (think musicals) and live piano, don't bother going there. The only thing good about this restaurant is the performance. The singers can really sing well. Unless good music and shitty food is the main draw, go to Menotti.

Actually, one of the main draws for people is actually the 'children friendly' dining - they've got this child area where they can catch HFM disease - children area with toys crayons bla bla bla. Seriously, if your kid plays and shares toys with like 30++ other kids, confirm will get some bug. If it were me, I'd rather save the medical fees and pay a babysitter.

Prego is at Raffles City, please turn 180 degrees and walk in the other direction towards Menotti.

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