Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Green House Cafe

Went to Vivocity for lunch and decided to try Green House Cafe cos we were walking around the basement and wanted to try something new, other than the usual row of restaurants that face sentosa.
Green House Cafe (the name keeps making me think of green house effect) is actually a restaurant ina flowershop called Pocket full of Posies. It serves western food, and is a cafe style restaurant.

I ordered a sandwich of the day, which is a sandwich (roast beef,grilled chicken, egg, tuna mayo, smoked salmon) and soup of the day for $9.90. If you want the premium choice of beef or salmon, you'll have to top up about $2or $3 (i'm not sure how much).
They have set lunches, with a choice of 3 dishes,which changes every day. Prices depend on what type of meat you order. The choices that day were: Chicken Cutlet $10.50, Grilled Dory and Beef Steak ($13.80) and it comes with soup of the day and a drink, as well as dessert of the day.
On the right is the sandwich and soup set, and on the left is the lunch set. The sandwich and soup set has bigger soup. There was cream of mushroom, french onion soup and tomato soup. We took the highly recommended mushroom soup - it's creamy but too peppery.
This is my roast chicken sandwich. Looks impressive. The bread is super thick.
The chicken is hidden cos the chicken is super small. Its like the princess and the pea- the tiny little chicken in between two mattresses of bread. The bread is quite hard btw, but it's herb bread so it's quite fragrant.
Hmm this shot actually makesthe chicken look thick - it isn't. It's very thin.This is the chickencutlet -which I think was the better choice.It comes with butter rice. But i didn't choose this one cos I don't quite like chicken cutlet - the outside looks like a carpet of polyps like the intestines in FAP (this precancerous genetic thing that we learnt about in patho). I prefer chicken chop (which is un-breaded).
The chicken cutlet quite good - its very crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.When I went to get the name card, i realisde that there's a branch in NUHand we trudged all the way to vivo when it was right next to us -_-

Students get 10% discount - but must show matric card.

NUH branch
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
Kent Ridge Wing, Lobby Level3
Tel 67775342

1Harbourfront Walk, #B2-42
Tel 63769706

Changi General Hospital
2 Simei St 3, Level 1-03 (Beside Info Counter)
Tel 67814238

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