Sunday, July 1, 2007

School Food

KopitiamI don't know how people can eat at the same place for months. I'll get so bored out of my mind. I'm so bored that I can't even post anything good.

The med student interview here should be something like this:
Interviewer: Do you like to eat at Kopitiam?
Prospective Student: er... not really?
Interviewer: Fail! Cos for your student life and nearly the rest of your life you will be eating at KOPITIAM! SGH Kopitiam, NUH Kopitiam, TTSH Kopitiam (X2)...
Once we went out to eat lunch to get away from NUH Kopitiam, and then fish suggested eating at GhimMoh. But then it was under renovation. So nevermind, we decided to eat at the nearby coffeeshop, but to our horror, when we got there and peered under the shade that was hiding the signboard, it was another Kopitiam! I just finished 6 wks of Kopitiam in SGH, then now I have another 16 weeks of NUH Kopitiam.

Kopitiam isn't that bad - the food standard is average (my mum loves eating at Kopitiam), variety is good, clean and hygenic, but if you have to eat it day in day out - urgh! In fact, they're so considerate to staff and students that our trusty kopitiam card gives us not 5% but a whooping 20% off. I don't think other places bother about welfare. And they're so strategically placed (nearest eating place cos we're lazy to walk) and most of all, brightly lit (unlike dimly lit places like the SGH staff canteen) and aircon-ed (the aircon is strong enough so it isn't stuffy) so we inevitably end up there.

The NUH Kopitiam has relly good chee cheong fun, it's hand made on the spot and about the restaurant standard kind - I shall save it for another post.

On Friday, Anna and fish and I decided to eat the most unhealthy dish in the entire Kopitiam - Indian Rojak. Mexicans have refried beans. This is deep fried and re-deep fried. We were so happy selecting our rojak and it looked really little on the tray (before chopping up) that we didn't realise that we were taking too much. What had previously managed to fit comfortably( with space to spare) on one tray could now fit into 2 piles.Yup, it's shared amongst 3 people. Overkill. I'm sure if I took my blood after that and let it settle there'll be a layer of oil on top (according to Benny Tan's pharmacology lecture on cholesterol and lipids). I think it'll be quite interesting to see :D

Btw, it costs about $13 but please don't eat so much Indian Rojak especially if it's Monday and there's lectures after that cos you'll feel so full and nua and cannot stay awake.

I wonder if the upcoming Khoo Teck Puat Hospital will have Kopitiam?

Coffee Grounds
This is one of the rarest days ever - fish and I were so bored that we actually went to eat at Coffee Grounds, which we have been avoiding since like M1. I think I've eaten here a grand total of 4 times since M1.

Maybe it's just the name - you shouldn't name something "Coffee Grounds" especially with med ppl around. (Coffee Grounds refers to a type of vomit when the patient has bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract).

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Ng said...

the writeup about kopitiam being clean cool and bright is good. I agree one will be sick when there is any overdose!