Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kopitiam - Chee Cheong Fun

Went to Kopitiam for a 1030am snack cos fish and I were very hungry (fish was greedy). So we went to eat breakfast before our respi lecture - and we met the 'slack half' of our CG in the Kopitiam too.

I got Chee Cheong Fun from the snacks stall and then I realised that ppl actually didn't know that the chee cheong fun existed. And it's a blog-worthy dish too! So I'm now blogging to make known that Kopitiam has Hand-Made Chee Cheog Fun - and it's freshly made when you order it.The skin is smooth and though not as thin as those dim sum restaurants, it's much softer and thinner than the pre-made kind. They have this rectangle steamer thing, and they'll place a wet muselin towel over it and pour the flour mix inside, then put in either chicken, mushroom, prawn or charsiew (can choose 2).
I like mine with chicken and mushroom. Mushroom and charsiew tastes off. So does mushroom and prawn. Next time i shall try the charsiew.
Plain chee cheong fun costs $2 and the ones with filling cost $2.50.
It takes some time to steam so don't order this if you're rushing. Instead, try the currypuff (according to fish) it 'tastes like Old Chang Kee minus the egg' but I've never tried it before, though it looks quite solid.

NUH Kopitiam Snacks Stall

Fruit Tree just came out with a new drink (maybe not so recently but I just saw it) it's Cranberry Pomegranate and Apple Juice. It has no sugar added (good cos I think the normal juices are too sweet and taste like syrup). It's not sour, and tastes like a queer mix of juices (I've never tasted pomegranate before). It's $1.10 from 7-11 but i'm sure that other places also sell it.

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