Sunday, July 8, 2007

Raffles City - Cedele and Wow Tako

Tried Cedele for the first time yesterday - chocolate truffle cake for $5
Its very chocolaty and not too sweet - and it's the cheesecake kind of consistency not the mousse kind and it's nice enough that I'll go back and get another one next time. The bread section looks really yummy - there was white sourdough bread, ciabatta in three flavours, multigrain wholemeal etc etc.
The next stop was Wow Tako cos we were dying to eat something savoury after the cake. And lots of people were walking past cedele with these takoyaki.

This is the only other takoyaki i've tried in Singapore other than the one at Taka. The taka one is called Takopachi.

Like the Takopachi, this comes in a horrible CFC polluting plastic container - they have more flavours than Takopachi though. The usual Octopus, Prawn, Ham and Cheese, but they also have a spicy version, as well as a Double Ham and Cheese. The price range for the usual flavours is $2.20, same as takopachi, and for double ham and cheese it's $2.50.They're much more generous with the katsuobushi (the brown stuff tt waves about) but less so for the mayo. But I quite like fish flakes so tt's good.
As compared to takopachi, this one is more solid - harder and firmer flour base. And a bit cakey too. I prefered the texture of takopachi cos it's softer and smoother.Of course, I decided to be adventurous and try the Double Cheese, which is essentially Ham and Cheese takoyaki, with a generous scoop of molten cheese (think nachos but not so thick) on top. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice that the tako balls are surrounded with cheese. Both Cedele and Wow Tako are located at Raffles City The Marketplace, B1

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