Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Food Thoughts

Here's some of the food I've eaten recently:
Spelt bread with rosemary baked by my sister - hope she bakes more cos I like bread!Some eggplant thing with youghurt on a baguette tt my sister baked too. It's some no-knead bread recipe that she found. recently, I read somewhere that Vogue magazine had a no-knead bread recipe recently (but I didn't see it) - cant imagine all the women with long long nails (how impractical - cannot percuss) kneading and getting dough under the nail beds. Soon Kueh from Alexander village. It's actually at a coffeeshop near Alexander Village, and it's coffeeshop and not an air-coned stall. The coffeeshop one tastes better i think.
Ang Ku Kueh from the same stall. They've got lots of other flavours like yam, mango, coconut and dunno what else.Creme Brulee from Fullerton
Cheese Cake from xinxin! It's nice creamy and milky and it has a chocolate base. If you want to buy a home baked cheesecake from her, you can contact her... um... through this website haha

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