Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mango Milk Ice

Mango Milk Ice - it's ice with evaporated milk, mango puree and mango chunks, topped with condensed milk. The standard varies, probably following mango season - most of the time it's ok but sometimes the mango is very hard and pale and sour - or when the mango is over-ripe and bit soggy and a bit ethanol-smelling then it sucks. So must check before you buy it - can go and peer through the glass and look at the mango first.

When the ice melts and the mango puree mixes with the milk, it's like eating mango milk shake with chunks of mango, nice and yummy especially on a hot hot hot day and after the sauna wards.

I think it's about $2 from Kopitiam NUH, SGH also has but then the woman there refused to put mango puree i think, so it tasted terrible. They also have it in Strawberry, but I think the mango is better.

Annalisa's Mango Milk Ice Song (to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock)

Mango milk ice is very nice,
It's sweet and it's milky, and it fills up your tummy,
When you need glucose, it's what you will eat,
It's even better than Haribo Sweets.

ok she's gg to slap me now (if she were here, but she isn't)

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