Saturday, August 23, 2008

Iggy's Lunch

My lunch was so good, it deserves to jump que right ahead of all my backlogging posts! I'm very scared I'll get confused and forget what I ate so here's my unusually quick post :)

After Iggys palate pampering, I think that I'll take a hiatus from eating anything above kopitiam since I will keep comparing it to Iggys.
Complimentary starter - Sweet Corn Cappuccino and chocolate raviolo.
Bubbles aren't for champagne only - the corn cappuccino was light and frothy, and I could taste the Japanese corn clearly. The corn was sweet and extremely smooth, and the bitterness of the chocolate ball was a sharp contrast to to it corn. The warm soup was to be drank straight from the cup, and the chocolate ball tipped into your mouth right after finishing the soup. The chocolate raviolo had a soft gelatinous layer outisde, with warm, oozingly delicious chocolate oozing out after you bite it. Reminds me of the yeast alginate experiments during bio.
Complimentary starter - Sea Urchin with cauliflower mousse and shiso jelly.
My favourite dish of the day, not only because there was uni, but also because it was an interesting combination of flavours. It's a refreshing change from the usual way of eating uni sushi style. Of course, the Uni was extremely fresh, with the taste of the sea. It was served slightly chilled inside a martini glass, with a layer of salty jelly, on top of a layer of creamy caluliflower moussse.Every mouthful was heavenly - who would have thought that cauliflower mousse goes so well with uni? The little bits of green is some leaf which had a pretty intersting flavour, but I can't describe it very well.
Home-made potato gnocci with truffle salsa, soft boiled egg and Parma Ham.
Normally, I don't like gnocci, but I was very excited when I saw this dish because there was so much truffle salsa. However, the truffle salsa didn't have the usual distinct aroma. I've just found out that Summer truffle is supposed to be more subtle, but honestly speaking, I couldn't taste or smell any hint of truffle at all. The parma ham was really tasty and salty, and chopped into minute little bits.
Iggy's famous Sakura Ebi Cappellini infused with scampi oil.
It's not my starter, but since it's Iggy's signature dish, I pinched a bit from Julie. This was one of the dishes that I remembered clearly from my last visit over a year ago. It's as good as I remembered it. Al dente cappelini with tiny sakura ebi. The noodles were well infused with the tasty scampi oil, with lots of konbu. Extremely tasty and incredibly yummy!

Squid Ink Risotto with Charcoal-grilled calamari
This is the starter that the three of us shared. The calamari had the smoky taste of the grill, and was chewy and fresh. It was lightly salted, drawing out calamari flavours. The risotto was glossy black, and each morsel was well coated with the squid ink sauce.
Kurobuta Pork cheek with onion confit, fried egg, summer truffle

Every single bit of this dish was delicious, from the wafer thin truffle slices, to the runny sunnyside up egg with it's perfectly brown and crisped edges, the finely sliced onion confit and the pork cheek itself was perfectly done. The pork cheek was insanely soft and melt in the mouth, with lovely diamond shaped grill-lines. The onion confit was finely sliced, and the sweetness of the onion went deliciously well with the pork.
Complimentary - Rockmelon soup, earl grey chocolate, fresh dill and summer flowers
This dish looks very summer-y. I really liked how the dill tasted together with the rockmelon. (Somehow all these funny fruit combinations go really well - just like watermelon with feta cheese)
The rockmelon dish really helped to wash down the previous two extremely rich dishes. Actually, the server kindly pointed out that my choice of appetiser and main were very rich, as there was an egg in both, but I really wanted to try them. The rockmelon natural sweetness was refreshing, and the chocolate ball was warm(!). Thought I couldn't really taste the Earl Grey part of it, the chocolate ball was delicious in all its intense chocolately oozey goodness. Exactly the thing to prepare my stomach for dessert :)
Pina Colada Souffle and Iced Pinacolada, with coconut Ice cream
Of course, I started with the coconut ice cream, since I really hate melted ice cream. The coconut ice cream had an extremely smooth texture. Somehow, to me, commercial coconut ice creams taste too creamy. This coconut ice cream, however, was not cloyingly creamy, but not icy either. I think I detected a hint of gula melaka? But I'm not too sure about this - just that I thought that the sweetener that they used isn't regular white sugar.

The pina colada souffle was wobbly and a melting texture. It had a nice layer of browned skin on top, and a delicious creamy centre. I made the mistake of giving into the temptation of the pinacolada drink, and after that, I could hardly taste the subtle pina colada flavour of the souffle.

If I were to have this again, I would definitely exert more restrain and not touch the drink till I'm done with the souffle as the intesnse taste of the sweet pineapple and creamy coconut renders my tastebuds useless.

Chocolate cylinder, French toast with home-made maple ice-cream and iced mocca.
Though I pinched a bit of the French toast, I just remembered it being buttery. For a more in-depth description, go here.
Champagne jelly and sorbet with elderflower foam
I keep thinking of the Ricola Elderflower pastilles, cos that's the only elderflower I've tasted. It's an extremely refreshing end to a delicious meal, but for me, the size of my desserts matter :p
The service at Iggy's is friendly, completely not stressful like some of the snobbish high class restaurants. The waiters take the time to tell us a bit more about the dishes, after seeing that we were so interseted taking photos of our food.

The best part of the meal - the thoughtfulness giving us each a personalized menu - customized since each of us had different dishes. That was really impressive!

My lunch cost me $72 nett for a 6 1/3 course meal. The 3 course set lunch is $55++ and the 4 course set lunch is $75++. Between the 3 of us, we shared two 3 course set lunches and one 4 course set lunch, so we got to try an extra appetiser.

Ok.. this deserves 5 stars, but blogger's being annoying and not allowing me to upload photos now :/ I'll put it up tmr when it's being less cranky.

1 Cuscaden Road
#03-00 The Regent
Tel: 6732 2234


red fir said...

Ooooh..just reading your review makes me want to eat them all over again! I can imagine the uni all over my mouth and the pork cheek! haha I like them all! :D

Btw, those "green bits" in the cauli mousse is shiso all diced up. eat that all the time in Jap restaurants! :)

Anonymous said...

They really have some amazing and creative presentation, don't they!

Anonymous said...

iggy screams expensive. lol! 72 for lunch really is tempting me. haha

but then again the most expensive lunch i had was abt 65. lol

m said...

ice: I don't eat those leaves - i'll throw them to a side when I eat my sashimi :P
tom aarons: Yup! Really pretty esp the melon soup and desserts - but not so pretty that I don't feel like eating it
LIC: It's $55++ for 3 course but we were greedy :X