Thursday, August 7, 2008


Just a quick post before I sleep...Tried Relish for the second time... somehow their $20++ burgers don't seem enticing anymore with all the cheaper places popping up near my house... Actually, I went to try Emerald Thai before I went to Relish cos I was so hungry! So I ended up eating dessert there while everyone else had their burgers. This is the Wild Rocket/ Relish famed (deconstructed) strawberry cheesecake. It's really delicious but personally, I don't think it's worth the the $12++ for that tiny glass and single dollop of cheese mixture, tiny scoop of maple walnut ice cream and buttery graham craker base... Of course, there's ample sugary sweet thawed strwaberries and strawberry syrup to go along.

The best part of the cheesecake is of course, the cheese. It reminded me vaguely of the La vache qui rit (Laughing Cow Cheese) that I used to eat in primary school as a snack. Extremely creamy and it has a slightly sticky texture. Yummy! But the portion is really too small for it to be truely satisfying (in terms of portion and price).Here's the pork burger - it's on sliced baguette (compared to the normal burger bun) with fried eggs and shredded lettuce. Pretty good but it costs $18++. Somehow after Astons popped up at 6th Ave, Relish has been pushed way down my food list.

Of course, the service here is warm prompt and friendly as usual. It was much less crowded than the my previous visit. Relish
501 Bukit TImah Rd
#02-01 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
Tel 67631547


Anonymous said...

aston opened in 6th avenue? serious? haha! so you only have cake while others eat burgers eh? lol

Anonymous said...

Pity about the prices because it all looks so delicious in your photos!

m said...

LIC: yup astons at 6th ave bet they're doing a roaring business -they are v efficient with the phone orders since carpark is an issue.
Tom Aarons: Yup they look and taste delicious - just that you can get way cheaper food fairly easily. But the cheesecake is fantstic- haven't found a replacement for tt one.