Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sakuraya Fish Mart - My Monster Sashimi Outing

*Edits cos I managed to find my receiptGoing to Sakuraya Fish Mart was like eating a sashimi buffet, just that the fish was fresher. The pricing is really cheap for sashimi - think Iseatan's sashimi takeaway counter, just that you can sit down in the restaurant area to eat. They had a fair selection of fishes the day I went, but they didn't have any seasonal fishes. Nevertheless, the selection was quite good - with the likes of salmon, salmon belly, bonta ebi, scallops, cooked octopus, squid, otoro and sword fish. I think they didn't have any yellowtail. I think it's much cheaper than eating it outside, where its 5 pieces for around $6 (which equates to about $7 after service charge! So expensive!) This is what I ate - salmon belly, swordfish (x2), and normal salmon sashimi. And 2 scallops too. And shared amongst 2 people. So it was really like a buffet. The scallops are $8 for 2.
For this platter, the mekajiki was about $20, Salmon sashimi $13.50, Salmon belly $15.50, Tako Sashimi $8.10, Hotate $8 for 2 pieces.

Some of my friend's selectionsCooked Tako (octopus). I don't like cooked octopus actually... Sakuraya also serves the raw kind, chopped up and marinated with wasabi. But I since I really don't like wasabi (I usually don't eat my sashimi or sushi with wasabi), I didn't feel like trying it but I kind of regret it now. Oh well nevermind I can always go back when I'm in school...
Cold Tofu with Dressing - $6 (I got the price wrong previously, it's not cheap and I'll definitely make it at home!)

Though I would definitely recommend you to get more food from the sashimi section, for those who don't want to go through the exciting task of picking out your own cut of fish, you can always get the chirashi don, which lets you sample different fishes, especially if you're eating alone.

Chirashi don ($12)Barachirashi Don ($14)
Of course, for me, I will definitely eat the sashimi whether I'm alone or not. (But then again, I avoid eating out like plague when I'm alone).

Negitoro Handroll ($6) which was very impressive - the thing was filled up right to the tail! Most places just fill it halfway so that the pointy tail-end is just rice.Negitoro Maki ($4.50), not as impressive as the handroll, so I would recommend you to get the handroll - it has so much more negitoro filling than this for $1.50 more.
The only cooked food I tried (by koping) was the Spicy Salmon ($6) which lightly flavoured, with the chili giving was grilled to juicy perfection. I'm very weary of ordering grilled fish outside since it sometimes comes back dry and flossy, especially if they don't use a fattier cut for salmon. And usually, these are from the cheaper restaurants. But I was plesantly suprised to find that for only $6, there were 3 plump pieces, and all of them were soft and moist inside.
Do note that they charge for green tea ( I think it's about $1 or $1.50) and wet towels ($0.80). But it still beats GST and service charge, which I personally think penalizes you for eating more.

I shall be giving it 3.5 stars since it's really worth it for fresh sashimi. But of course, their menu is rather small, so only come here if you eat sashimi! Beats sushi tei hands down for cheaper pricing!

Fish Mart Sakuraya
3 South Buona Vista Road
#02-01 The Village Centre


Anonymous said...

how much was the chirasi?

Anonymous said...

hi there, may i know how much did your sashimi platter cost? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! You're so lucky. Singapore has so much good food!

Anonymous said...

total how much u all spend there? haha

m said...

i can't rem the exact price but it's def cheaper than other places (like sushi tei) and it's fresher too. Pricing depends on the portion i think my salmon sashimi was 13, salmon belly arnd tt price too. It goes per kg. I paid abt 25 bucks for my sashimi (shared amongst 2 of us), negitori maki&tea.